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Czepta Behind The Scenes – The Idea: What’s in a name?

Czepta Behind The Scenes – The Idea: What’s in a name?


The story of Czepta has been manifesting itself in my mind for about two years now. It has become the means for me to express my views on the world and human society today and where I would like to see us go. The story has grown organically, feeding off many of the experiences and lessons I’ve accumulated during this time. Some small and some dramatic. I’ve been wanting to do this my whole life, create my own stories, specifically in comic book form. This is my Dream. My childhood dream, which also happens to be the main theme of “Czepta”, Dreams. What they are, why they are important, and how they are the key to saving ourselves and this world we call home. Dreams are the essence of enlightenment and unless we start living like enlightened beings, our problems both personal and global, are only going to get worse.

The title of this comic, and of the main character is “Czepta”. This is a word I created during a time when I was looking for a new name to go by as an artist. I was looking for something that described and represented all I hoped to achieve and become. So, in effect I would have to rise and embody it. Like Clark Kent, the weak newspaper reporter, I felt I needed to create a Superman persona that could beat my personal weaknesses into submission. Imprisoned by my own personality, I had (and have) many bad habits and methods that were blocking my path to success. Often it seems like only Superman could break through the barriers between me and my goal.  To get all the things done that I wished to achieve, I needed to become someone stronger than my current self.

I wanted a name that would embody all of the positive things I hoped to become. So I envisioned the type of character that would have a name like “Czepta”. “Czepta” originates from an altered spelling of “scepter” and these are often made of gold and held by Kings and Queens. So by analysing these properties, I got a clearer understanding of the meaning of this name. Gold; the precious metal that symbolizes the enlightened self. King and Queen; the masters of their domain. The things I longed for most were embodied in this name. By changing the spelling to something I found visually appealing, it became personalized and made my own. Then by creating a ‘tag’ or signature of it and writing it hundreds of times I bonded it to my subconscious. Now I am the Czepta, and I’m on a mission to live up to, and embody the name. If you feel like you might need a little push to overcome your own personal weaknesses try thinking up your own ‘super-persona’ and ask what qualities they might embody. If you could be anyone you want, who would it be? And most importantly, what’s their name?


Czepta: The Prophet Rides again

As I began creating art under the name “Czepta”, I began to have ideas that “Czepta” could be more than just a name, it could be a mythology. A legend about a world where a Czepta was an enlightened warrior who’s mission was to enlighten others and free them from all forms of mental and physical slavery. I had the idea that anyone could strive to and become a Czepta. The image of a girl, physically scarred from a life of struggle, armoured in gold symbolizing her attainment of enlightenment (along with a ‘third eye’ embedded in her helmet), carrying the symbol of her title, a crescent shaped scepter, was born. This was to become “Halima” the character that is the Czepta in my new comic series.

Now I had a character, I needed a world for her to inhabit. My first thought was to create a fantasy world of my own imagining, but then I thought perhaps we could use a hero such as this in our own world or at least my interpretation of the world.

A world that looks like the fabled city of Babylon…

Babylon City, Aotearoa

To Be Continued…


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