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Just a quick update on what’s happening with Czepta!

From the first idea I had for Czepta a couple of years ago I thought of it being a digital comic for Ipads. Somewhere along the line when I started working on it it ended up going down the traditional route and ending up as a print comic. Print comics are unfortunately extremely expensive to produce and hard to distribute widely so I am currently developing a way of presenting the complete story in a more digital way.

The easiest way to do this would just be to make it a webcomic or distribute through a digital distributor like comixology. Although this is a valid way I always wanted to express the world of Czepta not just in images but in sound and atmosphere. So to do this I’m currently developing Czepta into more of an interactive experience. In other words, a game. It’s a challenge and in the short term means I’m not putting out as much as I would like, but work is being done and in the long term will reap much greater rewards by being accessible to a much wider audience.

I’m excited by the endless possibilities of bringing the world of Czepta to life and allowing you to be there and be a part of the story rather than being just a spectator.

24 June, 20130 comments