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The concept so far…

The concept so far…

CZEPTA//The Prophet Rides Again CZEPTA//The Prophet Rides Again (2012)

My focus for the last year and a half has been the creation of my story world known as ‘CZEPTA‘. It manifested itself for the first time at the end of 2012 as a preview comic entitled CZEPTA//The Prophet Rides Again. I continued working on the comic throughout the start of 2013 but nothing was really working. I always find it’s easy to think of a great intro but getting into the meat of the story is another thing all together. I wrote a couple of full scripts and even started drawing pages but it just wasn’t right. I took some time off to develop my art skills further and made a new portfolio. During this time I’ve also been working on another comic series entitled ‘Landfall’ of which I’ve just finished 30 pages of line art but still have a lot of colouring to do.

So with Czepta I’ve constantly been wondering about the perfect way to make it digital. It was slowly dawning on me that if I wanted to make a living telling my stories then comics were probably the most difficult way to do so. So as I started thinking of creating a more interactive experience akin to my favourite web series ‘Nawlz‘. Nawlz is great but is quite linear and there were many times reading where I wanted to peek around a corner or look closer at a poster down an alley. There also seemed like many opportunities in the narrative for non linear exploration of certain scenes and environments. The more I thought about this, the closer my idea started to get to a video game.

Once I learned about Corona I did a few tutorials and started doing some design work on the Czepta game. My basic idea was for it to be a point and click adventure which would basically allow you to explore the world of Czepta all you like. The only game I’ve really played and finished in the last few years has been Telltale’s The Walking Dead. This game is one of the finest implementations of a story in a game I’ve ever experienced. Although you could argue there is more watching than playing to be done. So this was the game style I had in mind for Czepta minus the ‘choose your own adventure’ aspect. For the cutscenes I would have a kind of motion comic and you would have to progress the story in a similar way to the Walking Dead.

Original Mystic Assassin Concept from Wulfpak Saga 2009 Original Mystic Assassin Concept from Wulfpak Saga (2009)

I realised quickly that what I wanted to do was beyond my technical skills and therefore decided to make a smaller more simple game first. I had a few dumb ideas based on the tutorials I learned but decided to tackle one of the many other stories I’ve come up with over the years. I decided on ‘Mystic Assassin’ a character I came up with when I made WULFPAK! in 2009.

The Mystic Assassin were basically the bad guys in the wider story and a bunch of demonic ninjas. WULFPAK! was heavily influenced by early Wu-Tang and the Mystic Assassin costumes were influenced by ‘Da Mystery of Chessboxin’ ‘ music video.

I had another similar looking character which I created during my time living in Melbourne in 2010 which I created as an idea for a parkour style adidas game. I only did one rough sketch of him but this is basically the starting point from where I’m going with the game idea.

addidas The Adidas Concept (2010)

So, Mystic Assassin at the moment will be some kind of endless runner/platformer based inside the Czepta universe in some kind of alternate dimension. I want it to be a kind of standalone mini-story and force myself not to blow it out bigger than that. I also don’t want the game to be about violence. So there won’t be any fighting monsters or anything like that. The general story idea I have in my head at the moment is that the Mystic Assassin are a kind of supernatural shaolin brotherhood that exist outside of time in a spirit dimension. They are training themselves in astral martial arts and must practice manoeuvring through the astral landscape whilst maintaing a high level of focus. The deeper they get in their meditation practice, the more mysteries they unlock including communing with ancient gods. There will be obstacles and challenges and great rewards.

Well that’s the general idea so far and enough typing for one night. If you read to this point thanks for your interest and I’ll endeavour to start pumping out some nice art to look at as soon as I’ve cleaned my plate of the freelance projects I’m currently tied up with.



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