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Archive for July 18th, 2013

The Vibe

The Vibe

Concept02The vibe of Mystic Assassin will be dark, ancient and supernatural. I envision delving into the most ancient depths of the universe where the old gods still reside amongst the infinite waves of consciousness. A place full of mystery and secrets.

I want it to be a meditative experience using the sound and imagery to transport the player to an alternate dimension. I want to use this game as an avenue to explore creating the world through different mediums that I don’t usually get a chance to try. I’ll be attempting to do all the sound, music, animation and motion graphics. How they’ll come out I’m not sure but I’m keen to learn.

Stole a couple of hours away from doing other work today to whip up some concept art for part of the level. Just trying to get some ideas out and the general vibe. This isn’t quite it but it’s a start. I have a cool idea that as you play and get into deeper levels of the meditation by filling the focus meter slowly the background changes and you can watch the universe being created via a multicultural fusion by way of Czepta creation myth occurring beyond the cave as you play.

Until next time, here is the latest concept art.


18 July, 20130 comments