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Archive for July 23rd, 2013

Temp Graphics: Player

Temp Graphics: Player

Finally got a chance to do some coding today. I haven’t done any for about two weeks and it is definitely difficult to get back into it the longer I’m away. I have to go back through and remember where everything is and what it does. It also makes adding and changing things a bit more scary as I’m worried I’ll mess something up. But the best thing is just to dive in. Before long I’m back in the flow and everything comes back. Need to make sure I do a bit of coding each day so I don’t go cold and keep learning.

Just fixed a couple of bugs and added in some temp graphics for the player. This helps with seeing what action he is performing and making sure there are no other bugs. Also tweaked the controls a bit to make the slide and attack a bit quicker.

Everything looks pretty clunky at this stage but it’s getting there. My next step is to build the temp levels I showed in the previous post and get a proper game happening so that I can start working more on the core game and level design.

Here’s a video of the latest progress:

23 July, 20130 comments