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Corona Level Editors

Corona Level Editors

I decided I should get some temporary level sections implemented so I can make sure the whole system is running smoothly before I start adding content. So I went and had a look at what my options were for creating the levels.

My first option is to just code the placement of the level assets manually. This however is extremely tedious and feels like there must be a better way. So I went looking.

LH128The first tool I looked into was LevelHelper. At first this tool seemed to be exactly what I was looking for, however it wasn’t until I’d spent most of the day learning to use it that I found out it is not really useful for an endless runner game. This creates a level that is dependant on the LevelHelper API and creates an encapsulated level that you can’t fully access as well as you could if you coded it. So making sections that spawn randomly and then move is difficult if not impossible with this tool. If however I was making a game with defined levels then this tool would be great.

The guy that made this has also made a couple of other great apps including CodeHelper (which I’m currently using) and SpriteHelper. Both of these support Corona and are useful in your toolset.

Check LevelHelper out here:

tiled-icon-128The next level tool I tried was called Tiled. This is a great app and really fun to use. The problem I found with Tiled was similar to above. It can export the level to either a JSON or LUA file but then you need a third party add on to bring that into Corona. Again there are just too many hoops to jump through that make coding the game more difficult especially if there are things being utilised that are not under my control. Maybe there is a way to use this in the way I would like but I’m not experienced enough to know how.

Again tiled is great if you want to make predefined levels rather than a procedural one.
You can find Tiled here:

The only other one I’ve found so far is by Karnak Games: however this one costs US$99 and has no demo that I know of to check if it will be useful. From what I’ve read it again does the same thing as above and prevents you from full access.

If CoronaLabs would get their level editor out at some point it would be great:

What I really need is an editor that just allows me to freely place my assets and then spits out a Lua table that contains the asset parameters that I can then do with what I want. Perhaps in the future when I have learned more programming this will be something easy to achieve. Until then however I’ll keep my eyes out for other options and just continue using a mixture of photoshop and code to make the levels.

If anyone else knows of some good options let me know!

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