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Writing a compelling mobile game story

Writing a compelling mobile game story

photo2Or at least trying to. That’s what I’ve been up to since my last post. Basically I’ve got the game mechanics working and I have learned enough now to make a game so I came to the difficult question of what kind of game do I want to make? I had went back and asked myself why I’m making a game anyway instead of a comic. Because I want to create an interactive story/world. But at the same time my heart is still more with comics than games. So many games, practically 99.9% of them are about absolutely nothing thematically outside of gambling and killing. They are basically made by most people as a way to escape the responsibilities of reality and disappear astrally for a while.

Although I want people to be able to travel to a new world in my stories, I want it to be for a reason. I want to create a symbolic reflection of how I interpret our current reality and the passages I can see for freedom, discovery, happiness, exploration and truth. Hopefully if successful, perhaps one might carry those symbols into their ‘real’ life and where they might find similar occurrences. Perhaps that might lead one to look at things in a new way or challenge their beliefs.

One of my main interests is to see the world in a magical way. A place where epic battles of good and evil are being waged amongst a landscape as incredible as any great fantasy world. I believe removing the oppressive mundane quality that so much of the human world is enslaved by and instead seeing the world as a magical place of heroes, villains, gods, angels, demons and fantastical creatures we can live a more truthful, exciting and engaged life.

Well these are lofty goals for someones first mobile game, and I only wish to present a hint of this intention and at least scratch the surface. Over time as I mature and create more stories I hope they will become more sophisticated so I can get closer to this goal.

One thing I’ve found over the last week or so is that – writing is hard. Especially when you put way too much unnecessary pressure on yourself to make something that lives up to your loftiest ambition. Hopefully stressing over it will produce something of greater value but that will remain to be seen.

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