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The real world is an Oddworld

The real world is an Oddworld

Wow I was really inspired by this talk from Lorne Lanning. I really appreciate the what he is trying to bring to the video game medium and the way he goes about it.

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Learning game programming in Corona SDK

Learning game programming in Corona SDK

Been a while since my last post so thought I’d give a quick update. Since deciding to make a game earlier this year I’ve learned a tonne. Its crazy that at that time I new absolutely nothing about creating games other than that it was probably difficult. Its been a lot more difficult than I realised from the outset but I think running into it with some naivety was good as it allowed me to just dive in thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to get something going.

My original plan to make Mystic Assassin was to create a simple game before moving on to make a Czepta game. However as I worked on it, Mystic Assassin became a cooler concept than a simple endless runner game could justify. Mystic Assassin will still use the code I’ve been working on but it will probably be a plat former instead meaning you will be able to move the character any direction you want instead of auto-running to the right.

Since Mystic Assassin will have expanded features from the basic code I’m writing now, I’m planning to release a smaller game first. It will be just a straight up endless runner/shooter. My aim is to finish a bad game so that I can learn and get the experience of taking a finished game to the App Store. The game has to be bad so that I won’t get caught up spending a lot of time trying to make it good. The goal here is not to make an original or interesting game but simply to have a game finished in the shortest time possible.

Once this game is release I’ll be able to use that code and build into it the more advanced and playable features for Mystic Assassin as the basic template will be complete. That’s one great thing about games vs comics – the ability to reuse all of your assets across multiple games. I’m thinking that the smartest way for me to approach game development is to build and expand upon a single game template that will allow me to tell all of my Czepta stories. Then once the code base is complete it will just be a matter of adding new features with each episode and creating new content rather than having to code a whole new game from scratch every time. Because what I really want out of game development is the chance to tell my stories in a visceral and interactive manner with complete control and self sufficiency.

I’ll share the details of my ‘bad’ game in the coming weeks. It will be bad but hopefully some dumb fun.

1 October, 20130 comments