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Making Test Level Sections

Making Test Level Sections

22 July, 2013 11:06 am0 comments

LEVEL_section01 LEVEL_section02 LEVEL_section03

Today I did a bit of work just creating a few level sections just to get something in there to get a feel of how I’d like to design the level. The level will be made up of a number of random ‘segments’ that will be randomly stitched together to create an endless procedural level. I’m making each segment quite big, about 3 times the screen size as I want there to be multiple paths you can take and have the chance of finding hidden things. The game will be mainly about exploration except you won’t have the luxury of going back to choose a different path. You as the player will have to dynamically choose paths on the fly and see where they lead. Paths that are more difficult will reap greater rewards whereas easier ones may allow you to maintain your focus. Sometimes choosing a more difficult path will be hazardous as there may not be as many focus orbs and you may risk losing focus on that path if you are not focused enough before embarking on it.

Today at the Gnostic class I came up with another cool idea that I’m planning to stick in the game – but more on that later. The main thing we learn in Gnosticism is meditation and often while meditating and attempting to prevent thoughts sometime I’ll slip and have a great vision of an idea for the game or my comic CZEPTA. This leads me to believe that harnessing meditation as a way of conjuring and exploring ideas for my work could be powerful.

When life and art walk hand in hand magic is born.



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