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More his story, randomness and tutorials related to the learning of video game creation.

More his story, randomness and tutorials related to the learning of video game creation.

15 July, 2013 11:16 pm0 comments

Morrowind-coverA few years ago I decided for a reason I have since forgotten to give up on being an animator and film director and decided to go to university. I never finished high school. I left when I was 16 to study animation in Auckland. Luckily in New Zealand one is able to gain entrance to University once they turn 20 if they do not have the required qualifications usually needed from high school. At the time I was obsessed with playing a couple of the Elder Scrolls games – Morrowind and Oblivion had just been released. These games really got to me. The depth of the world and the freedom was something that I had never experienced before. Then I discovered the Mod community which led me in even deeper. At the time there were many discussions about how to bring the world of Morrowind into the Oblivion game (which has since been done I believe) and I began digging around in the level editor and discovered how to bring the assets in. I began thinking of what I could do with this new found knowledge and made a failed attempt to create my own story based mod.

Anyway during this experience I became interested in the idea of learning computer science and so that’s what I enrolled in at Auckland University. It didn’t last long but I managed to complete the 101 course and so had my first experience programming. I enjoyed it a lot. We made a bunch of small games and I found programming itself a lot like a puzzle game whereby manipulating various  phrases you could make all kinds of cool things happen.

Now back to the present. My brief stint at Uni gave me a leg up now when I was starting to learn to code again. The basic concepts of how it works were still there so learning the language (Lua) was not completely alien. As I began to type it felt good like a fond memory and I began learning the language as quickly as a three year old. Although, what I’ve learned so far is just the basics.

This is what I have so far… ready for the app store right? My progress so far. I have my character (blue box) with controls working (swipe up = jump, swipe down = slide, swipe forward = attack), there is a random level generator, a “focus” bar that decreases over time and triggers a game over when it runs out. There are a few objects – blue orbs add focus, red ones decrease it. The red blocks are obstacles you must attack to pass through. There is also alot of collision stuff in there to make it so you have to slide to get through tunnels and so you can’t slide through obstacles etc.

Well that’s all I’ve got for now. Below are a couple of tutorials I completed to learn some of what I implemented above. Definitely worth doing if you are new to programming and learning corona.


Mobile tuts+: Corona SDK – Build and Endless Runner From Scratch!
Corona SDK – Game Tutorial


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