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Sketch dump and update

Sketch dump and update

3 November, 2016 3:35 am0 comments

I’m back in Vietnam and still working hard on the game. Over the last couple of months I’ve learned 3D animation and have started programming the game in Unity. I’ve also decided to go with a low poly aesthetic for the art to cut down on the time it takes to create 3d assets. I’m also planning to make heavy use of vertex colouring with texture overlays and a simple use of spec and normal maps. I’m really looking forward to creating art assets but right now I have a lot of coding work to get some of the fundamental features implemented.

As the months go by, the game I want to make is becoming more clear to me. As this is my first game I want to keep its scope small but manage to keep the game play dynamic so I’m considering adding a roguelike element to it. I don’t think it will be a procedurally generated game but it will have elements of that.

Until next time here are a bunch of random concepts and ideas I’ve done recently that I haven’t uploaded yet:

MC Masks TempleComp 2 Teacher char ortho head mANewPaintover headConcepts updatema madrawing MaBack mysticassassinsketches2 vlcsnap-2016-09-30-15h54m32s158 nma3 maUpdate templeIsland3 templeIslandclose EnvironmentAssets2 TempleRockAssets DriftGolem MudGolems

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