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Tools of the Trade: Layout, Pencilling, Inking

Tools of the Trade: Layout, Pencilling, Inking

12 February, 2013 10:10 am0 comments


Pretty much my complete arsenal for non-digital work:

  1. Triangle Ruler (Used for ruling most lines. Particularly useful for vertical right angles like panel borders)
  2. T-Square (Good for horizontal lines)
  3. French Curve (For inking clean curves)
  4. Craft Knife (For cutting paper to the correct page size: 27.94cm x 43.18cm)
  5. Cheap Technical Pencil – BIC 0.7mm (To do concept and layout sketches)
  6. White Eraser (To erase big areas)
  7. Expensive Technical Pencil – Staedtler Mars Technico (For doing final page pencils 2H-3H leads)
  8. Pen Eraser – Uni Auto Eraser (Erasing small areas)
  9. BIC Red Ballpoint Pen (To make notes on the script and layouts)
  10. Rotring ArtPen (Flat nib calligraphic pen for getting certain ink lines)
  11. Prismacolor Col-Erase Blue (For throwing down sketch lines to work from)
  12. Winsor & Newton #3 Cotman 111 (Just for filling in blacks)
  13. Hunt #102 Quill Pen (General inking)
  14. Toilet Paper (For cleaning ink off stuff)
  15. Water (To wash brush/pen)
  16. Pebeo India Ink (For use with brush and quill)
  17. SCRIPT (Without this there’s not much to draw)


- Kneaded Eraser (For cleaning pencils off finished line art)

- Paper – Bristol Board

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