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Czepta Development Art

Czepta Development Art


3 August, 20130 commentsRead More


Just a quick update on what’s happening with Czepta!

From the first idea I had for Czepta a couple of years ago I thought of it being a digital comic for Ipads. Somewhere along the line when I started working on it it ended up going down the traditional route and ending up as a print comic. Print comics are unfortunately extremely expensive to produce and hard to distribute widely so I am currently developing a way of presenting the complete story in a more digital way.

The easiest way to do this would just be to make it a webcomic or distribute through a digital distributor like comixology. Although this is a valid way I always wanted to express the world of Czepta not just in images but in sound and atmosphere. So to do this I’m currently developing Czepta into more of an interactive experience. In other words, a game. It’s a challenge and in the short term means I’m not putting out as much as I would like, but work is being done and in the long term will reap much greater rewards by being accessible to a much wider audience.

I’m excited by the endless possibilities of bringing the world of Czepta to life and allowing you to be there and be a part of the story rather than being just a spectator.

24 June, 20130 comments
The Future

The Future


29 May, 20130 comments
CZEPTA @ International Tattoo Expo Hamilton

CZEPTA @ International Tattoo Expo Hamilton

We had a Czepta stall up at the Hamilton International Tattoo Expo a couple of weekends ago. Sold a bunch of Czepta collectors packs and met a bunch of crazy and cool people. Was also doing a lot of personalized commission sketches and got quite a few interesting requests including a lot of zombies and superheroes. We had a great time and looking forward to doing it again next year.

For those other comic creators out there it is definitely worth checking out conventions that may relate to the subject matter of your comic or project rather than just comic conventions. A lot of the mainstream public has a great interest in art and comics and will be amazed to see it being done as they don’t typically know anything about the culture or comic expos. Therefore you could find yourself a new market and create some new comic fans!

Thanks to all the supporters of Czepta and I hope everything is going well for you and your projects!


Czepta G


11 March, 20130 commentsRead More
CZEPTA #1 First Look

CZEPTA #1 First Look


Here’s the first look of the new CZEPTA online comic series beginning soon online.

15 February, 20130 comments
Tools of the Trade: Layout, Pencilling, Inking

Tools of the Trade: Layout, Pencilling, Inking


Pretty much my complete arsenal for non-digital work:

  1. Triangle Ruler (Used for ruling most lines. Particularly useful for vertical right angles like panel borders)
  2. T-Square (Good for horizontal lines)
  3. French Curve (For inking clean curves)
  4. Craft Knife (For cutting paper to the correct page size: 27.94cm x 43.18cm)
  5. Cheap Technical Pencil – BIC 0.7mm (To do concept and layout sketches)
  6. White Eraser (To erase big areas)
  7. Expensive Technical Pencil – Staedtler Mars Technico (For doing final page pencils 2H-3H leads)
  8. Pen Eraser – Uni Auto Eraser (Erasing small areas)
  9. BIC Red Ballpoint Pen (To make notes on the script and layouts)
  10. Rotring ArtPen (Flat nib calligraphic pen for getting certain ink lines)
  11. Prismacolor Col-Erase Blue (For throwing down sketch lines to work from)
  12. Winsor & Newton #3 Cotman 111 (Just for filling in blacks)
  13. Hunt #102 Quill Pen (General inking)
  14. Toilet Paper (For cleaning ink off stuff)
  15. Water (To wash brush/pen)
  16. Pebeo India Ink (For use with brush and quill)
  17. SCRIPT (Without this there’s not much to draw)


– Kneaded Eraser (For cleaning pencils off finished line art)

– Paper – Bristol Board

12 February, 20130 comments
Collectors Edition

Collectors Edition

Limited Edition Collectors Packs still available. Signed and numbered with a piece of original art.

Available here:


1 February, 20130 comments


Hard at work on the next issues!Hard at work on the next issues!


31 January, 20130 comments
Trading Card Memories

Trading Card Memories



In ’94-’95 basketball trading cards were hot in my school in Papakura, Auckland. For a while we collected these until we discovered the ’95 Fleer Ultra X-MEN cards that you could buy from the new Card Crazy vending machines and stores that were popping up in shopping malls and other places. When I got my first pack of these it was a magical experience. The cards came in a Gold foil package reminiscent of the golden ticket from willy wonka. When you opened it the smell that came out was of newness. Each pack contained 10 cards and you never knew what you were gonna get. Each card had an amazing piece of art with gold foil embossing. And if you were lucky you’d find a rare Suspended Animation card or Sinister Observation. These ones utilised special printing techniques such as chromium, holograms and clear plastic.

I also collected the ’95 Fleer Ultra Spiderman cards which were equally high quality.Anyway It’s been a dream of mine to create my own trading card set. So here is the #0 card for the Czepta trading card set. Which comes with the collectors edition. I tried to replicate the quality of the X-Men cards in my own style, gold foil and all.
17 December, 20120 comments


Update on the way. Now we’re past the epic arival we’re into story territory so I’m pondering how to proceed with posting. I kind of want to add the text at the end ‘marvel style’ to make sure it flows through the whole piece rather than up

load text that will probably be edited later or uploading the pages without text. Some of the previously uploaded pages are supposed to have text but decided to wait. What do you guys think? Should I wait to deliver the finished pages or just upload the work in progress pages?

I’m not viewing this initial #0 comic as the webcomic right now. It’s more of a public work/discovery in process. And from the lessons I have learned producing it I will create the warplan of getting the live updating comic into action.

Through creating this first issue I’ve discovered what this story is really about. When I began drawing this it was much different. This is issue #0 so it’s not really the beginning but a first gestation of the vision I’ve had in my head for so long. It wasn’t until I put it outside myself that I’ve been able to truly grasp it and see what it is. From here on I am feeling much more confident. But still there are questions to be answered.

Peace and Love


26 August, 20120 comments